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Recipe by MarcoMarco Ropke is a pastry chef and owner of the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. Having been born and trained in Hamburg, Germany, his career started young with him helping out occassionally in the local bakery at the age of 6. After completing his pastry apprenticeship at the age of 15, Marco traveled the world, working as the executive pastry chef at some of the best hotels in the Middle East and Asia.

Now residing in Vancouver, Macro has settled down to fulfil his dream of opening his own pastry training centre. As a world-class pastry chef, Marco understands that in order to end up with a delicious end product, you need to start with the best ingredients. Ingredients that are honest, simple & consistent. In a show of support, Marco will be posting some of his own, world-class recipes right here on our blog for you to enjoy over the upcoming months.

If you’d like more information about Marco and the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver, check out his website or come join him for one of their Artisan Baking Courses (they have eight to choose from!) to learn more about bread, yeast, fermentation and the art of creating real Artisan breads in you own home.


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